Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flash Back - First days

04.04.11.......Here they come.....
Last prego picture (38 weeks) as we head to the hospital.

 About an hour later
Introducing Thomas Grey (Baby B) and Genevieve Ann (Baby A)
Both weighed 6lbs 2 oz and were 19" long
Eve was born at 5:29pm and Grey was born at 6:05
 Aunt Gail and Nanee
Aunt Tami and Nanee
Proud Grandparents - Pop-pop, Nana, and Nanee

Aunt Tami, Cousin Kate, and Aunt Gail

Getting ready to go home

Headed home!

One year ago today.....

One year ago today......we were calling and emailing our group of family and friends that not only were we expecting but we were expecting twins. TWINS...TWO BABIES! Shocked, Thankful, Joyfully freaked out and already in love...

Here is A and B

Not only am I thanking God today but I am thanking the many, many people that were along with us for the ride and supported us....and continue to support us. THANK YOU!!  Eve and Grey are such miracles and we are reminded of this daily.....possibly hourly.

The twins are 4 months and 3.5 weeks today
Here is B and A