Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October Fun- Pumpkin Patch

Although we are in full swing of November,  I wanted to post the last of our October fun.....
A few weekends ago we were at the lake with the Manning's. Beside being with them, we headed to a local pumpkin patch that we heard about in Duck Hill, MS. It was fun to see how the twins reacted to all the activity. We actually never went to the pumpkin patch itself b/c it was a hay ride away and seemed to be possibly more than we all wanted to do. But we did plenty of fun fall activities...corn maze, got to see goats and ponies, swing for the first time, play in a sandbox full of corn, and slide down a huge slide on a carpet sample....well Teri and I went down the slide. Fun!

Joey, Teri and the twins

Magic Carpet Slide
This thing is neat....maybe next year the twins can try it

Not real sure about that goat...
Corn Maze Start

Children of the Corn....

Are we lost?
Corn box

Eve is not too sure

Still not to sure

Teri to the rescue

All boy....loved it

First swing!

I see you!

First swing...

They are really going up the hill to the magic carpet slide..

Here comes mommy....

Here comes Aunt Teri

Aunt Teri and Mommy are crazy....

Hanging with Walker

Uncle Brian and Eve

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