Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We made it!!! Eve and Grey are ONE years old!!!!
Happy First Birthday my sweet peas!
Today is your day, the day you entered into the real world and changed life forever.
We celebrated over the weekend with family.

The reveal of the Enfamil Formula Scoops

Aunt Tami and Aunt Teri

Cousin Jonni, Aunt Mozelle, and Nana

Grey the big boy standing with Cade and Laura

Wagon Rides!


No Mama please do not take my picture! I want CAKE!

Look at this....colors.....

Is this suppose to be good.....??

Funny to see all the people watching and taking pictures

Yes, it is good. YUM!

I am suppose to do what?

loving this

Not really sure what to do with this..

Diggin' in!
We are so silly with our red wagon!
Here we are today....on our First Birthday!

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