Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Kids Room

Well....the art that hung over the changing table finally came down by way of a little hand one day. When we originally hung it ....we all knew it was a matter of time but it looked cool. The wall has been blank for about 3 months so than came the .....what to do....oh what to do. After exploring many ideas we landed on some wall decals. There are many companies out there with many designs, I found most on Etsy and ordered from NouWall. Using a design that they had we made a few adjustments and a few weeks later it arrived. I opened it up and laid it on the dining table about April 2 and yesterday it finally got installed. Thanks to my dear sweet husband or it would still be on the dining room table. 
Eve and Grey say WOW when they walk into the room.

Here is the wall once the art got torn off the wall...thank you Mr Grey.
lots of pieces and directions
doing some prep work while the twins were napping
the the master is hard at work..not as easy as they say....
little helper....measure twice and cut once
getting into the details on the second tree
all done! thank you Joel!

we added a little fox and some grass on the other side of the room 

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