Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh our sweet Charlie!

At the end of September we flew to LaCrosse to meet our new nephew and cousin Charlie Nordeen. We have seen many photos and met on Skype but meeting this little boy in person was a pleasure and we all fell in love! 
Our meeting was as if it was not a meeting but just seeing each other again. He is a sweet, gentle, and spirited little boy.  Aunt Julie had to send me pictures from her phone and some are from her super camera. 
We first played with him at Nina and Pop-pops house....

Look at the boys - iphone

Let's see who can push faster - iphone

Uncle Derek, Charlie, Eve and Nina - iphone

So much to play with - iphone
 Next day we went and played at Aunt Julie and Uncle Derek's house....Will was at school so it was Charlie and the twins....Nina, Pop-pop, Great Aunt Cathy, Aunt Julie, and Great Grandma Janet. Grey was impressed with all the cars, trucks, and trains! Also, the twins and Daddy loved the trampoline. I see one of those in our future.

That afternoon was kicked off with lunch Rudy's Drive in...yum!

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