Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Friday, December 2, 2011

A bunch of sickos!

We have been absent from the blog world due to illness. Nothing serious...just a bug that took us all down. It started with a runny nose....sound familiar. 
Grey's cold turned into a cough and than wheezing. This of course landed us in Urgent Care having to give him a breathing treatment. He started off a very happy Grey but when "puff" came along he was not real happy. Eventually, he fell asleep from a combination of screaming and the noise lulling him to sleep.
 happy sick little boy waiting for the doctor
not so happy little boy
 sweet little baby

After many nights of interrupted sleep, Eve got an ear infection with her cold.  I had the funk too but keep on truckin'. We headed to the cabin in the hopes the twins would be all ready for their sip and see in Sunflower

The night before Eve had a temperture all night and into the day....the event was canceled. Lucky for Joey and I were falling slowly.....Aunt Teri, Nanee, and Cousin Kate and her friend came to the lake and helped us out. It was a pitiful weekend but we were thankful for the help.
Nanee and sick baby girl

We learned a lot of what not to do next time. It is crazy to think that the whole house was sick for 2 weeks...a bunch of sickos!

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