Big Furry Brother

Big Furry Brother

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Thanksgiving is always fun at the cabin with the Parker Family. 
Several days with the family and laughter.
Last year we had everyone guessing what the sex of the twins will be. 
My family was guessing in LaCrosse and Salt Lake City. 
After guessing, it was revealed to all by way of cupcakes....

The cupcakes
Here they are a year later!

The tradition continues...The Thanksgiving Buck! Grey was mad that it was not his.
"Soon will get your own buck"
Jonni and Tom
Nanee, Nana and Eve
Pop-pop checking on the turkey.....tasting the turkey????
Aunt Teri, Nanee and twins
Nanee and Eve
Walker and Grey!
Check out that line up! YUM!!!
Love me some Pop-pop!
Aunt Mozelle, Aunt Teri, and Eve
Uncle Brian, Tom and Grey...chilling out!
Uncle Brian and Grey....hey there!
The whole Crew for 2011
Jonni loving the twins
Nana and Pop-pop
Nana and Eve
Trying to get every one to look..not so easy
The twins were done with the pictures and of course the furry brother got in the family picture

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